Our services: reliable and tailor-made

Field Inventories offers professional and reliable services to both private Landlords and Agents, tailored to suit your specific circumstances.


It goes without saying that this includes a detailed consultation.


You can depend on our professional experience to look after your Inventory requirements –  confidently, quickly and without complication.


Take a look at our services offered:




Our experience is borne out in our highly detailed inventories, for which we are well known and in which we include valuable supporting photographs.


We are happy to provide quotes for all types and sizes of property from a simple studio apartment to a luxury prestigious home.

Prices for inventories of larger, prestigious properties are priced  at 10 percent of the monthly rental value.


Large or small, furnished or unfurnished, our commitment is the same.


Checking In your tenant


We will look after your property & tenants from the start and ensure that this process is carried out professionally.  We endever to make the start of the tenancy a pleasurable experience for the tenant whilst giving reassurance to both Landlord and tenants that every care has been taken to provide a clear indication of the property details from the start. 

The Inventory will be edited after the check in to provide the 'Final' copy which will include a copy of the signed 'Check in Declaration'.


Checking Out


This is carried out in much the same way as the check in but with a report created of the differences found both in terms of damages & cleanliness. 

Any deductions to be made from the deposit can then be calculated by the managing agent based on our report.




We are happy to look after your 3 or 6 monthly inspections.




We have added this service during 2012 & now assist Relocation Companies locally with their Inventory requirements. 



We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact us on 07795 807080 or use our contact form.


Sample photographs: We use photographs extensively throughout our Inventories...